USA ⇒ Australia

Welcome to my blog! The intention of this site is to share stories about a girl (me, obvi) who is in love with discovering the world and a guy to see it with ❤

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Currently residing in Melbourne until the end of January.

From there, 

FEBRUARY → Bali & Thailand

MARCH → New Zealand then head to up the Northeast coast to Brisbane/Byron Bay → Road trip to Sydney with some visitors! 

APRIL/MAY → Spend time in Queensland doing a bit of exploring because its overwhelmingly beautiful EVERYWHERE.

JUNE → Travel Asia and return home for my best friends WEDDING. Say wha?? 

Let’s see where this all REALLY takes me shall we? Using this site as a way to explore what’s running through my

H E A D & H E A R T.

Sometimes it seems like it doesn’t stop. Which is okay, but I like to get it out too. Staying vulnerable and honest along the way. Hope it helps you a little along your own path and ways to live out your truths in your own way.