Because, Why the H*!$ Not?

As you can see, this whole “staying consistent” thing is really going well… nhhhhot. I haven’t written a post in over a month and although I wish that wasn’t the case, here we are.

A few years ago, I would have put myself in the dumps for neglecting or… putting off (a little wording can make all the difference) a project (we could say task, but then all those icky feelings follow) I really care about and want to stay consistent on.

Yes, it can be seen as a failure, if I want to torture myself. Or I can see it as a lesson. And now that I have reframed it as a lesson, I have the opportunity to see WHY I put it off. It’s been getting nice here in Minnesota so I find myself being outside more often, and when I think about that, I really can’t blame myself for being one with nature more often *mountain pose*. And then 2 jobs and a dog and a social life and scheduling my own dentist appts, ugh. So yeah, like I said, here we are.


I want to tell you guys a little about how Ian and I came up with the whimsical plan to travel across the globe.

It became a strong tentative plan right around the time we started dating… so I think that calls for a little explanation.

Ian and I grew up together. I’m talking little munckins who probably thought the other had cooties at some time or another – 3rd grade. And we’ve been in the same friend group from then until now. We attended 2 high school dances together. I have a blackmail video of him from 7th grade hahahah sorry Ian. We’ve had endless dance sessions ranging from car seshs (more so now), to Junior High twerk tapes (I like to make myself laugh), to much more… classier settings. What can I say, we like to dance.

But we were always just friends. I didn’t think too much about it until he was someone I came to lean on when I moved home after my “breakdown.” He is one of the most genuine, supportive, true kindness-radiating-from-you, selfless, loyal guys I have ever known. He makes for an excellent best friend. And I can’t wait to travel the world with him.


To my point, we were pretty aware of who the other person was and it took off much quicker than most relationships. Which meant I wasn’t afraid to share my life plans with him right off the bat. I have always been one for new adventures, new cities, new cultures, you know – that new new. I also knew knew I wanted to move away again at some point and my friend, Maddie, and I were really starting to entertain the idea on our DAILY G-chat (Google chat… did we create that abbrev?) sessions at work (who’s with us????). Without hesitation, I brought it up to Ian. I truly can’t tell you the verbatim discussion of how we came to Australia, but I do remember thinking “If we’re going to MOVE, what’s the difference between moving across the country vs. moving across the globe?” I know there are rational answers to that question, but when we looked at the larger picture – which one were we benefitting from more?

So near the end of 2015, it became pretty much impossible to convince us of another plan. Then again, not many people opposed the idea.

In May 2016 I finally caved on a second job, knowing that saving money these days is way too damn tough. Well… for me. I wasn’t making much annnnd I choose to spend money on other things that are worthy of it 😉

And so began the year + of saving.

You see, we’re really not much different than many people our age. Or anyone in their twenties (with no kids and clean bills of health). We just, made it happen. I will always understand that I am more fortunate than others – I mean, having a clean bill of health is a tremendous blessing in itself – But relatively speaking, we are just two average youngsters who decided to think “why not?”

Figure out what your heart is asking of you, and GO FOR IT. I believe in you 100%.

“Ask the universe to help you
create exactly what you want and 
need. Trust the universe, and you will be trusting an honorable
and benevolent friend”
– Journey to the Heart



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