Into the Great Unknown


The Visas are approved and flights are BOOKED!!!! It’s the real deal people!

Guys, these past couple years, if I have learned anything – and I’d say I’ve learned A LOT – its that our hearts are always right. Follow them. Listen to that faint voice. Trust that.

Stop listening to the voice of doubt, fear, uncertainty. Stop with the “what ifs.” THEY WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. Acknowledge them. But then tell them to SUCK IT.

Want to move? Do it.

Want to end a relationship that is toxic or hindering your potential? Do it.

Want to quit your job? Do it.

Want to take that vacation? Do it.

Want to ask that person you see exponential possibilities with on a date? Do it (speaking from experience).

Want to buy those 2,000 shoes? Don’t do that. Unless you can carelessly afford them, then you go glen coco. But they also won’t be there when you are on your death bed. What I can guarantee will still be with you, are the choices you made. Don’t regret them.

There is never going to be “the right time,” so sacrifice, work hard, and stay creative.

Spend your money on experiences, things that challenge you, that open your eyes, help you grow, FORCE you to grow. Push past the fear of the unknown and trust that you will FIGURE IT OUT. Haven’t you always anyway?

Work your ass off to make things happen. GRIND GRIND GRIND. Then reward yourself with the life your heart is telling you you want. It just knows. Don’t let your current thoughts win. Let it be the vision you have for your life that DOMINATES. If you don’t think you’re capable, I am your cheerleader and I believe in you.

Sometimes I still can’t believe that THIS is my life. Guys, I wanted to be married and have kids by the time I was 24. Can we just talk about that for a sec? I would have called you crazy if you told me I would be living on another continent about 3 years ago. Trust where your life is taking you. But it STARTS with your choices.

If you need any motivation, have questions about how I did it, or need someone to bounce ideas off of, I am here. Please reach out. There is nothing I want more than a world with people believing in themselves. I can tell you that was not always me. But its insane how much that can change things.

I love all of you humans reading this. And I love love love all the humans that have supported Ian and I with this dream of ours.





*Please note: I couldn’t really tell you what “woke” means, but I know all the cool kids are saying it these days. Sarcasm is fun.



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