Well hello. Please bear with me as I respond to my inner prompt of “describe yourself.” Again, staying open and honest. Here we go.

I like a lot of things. One of the things I like to do is write. I would not have said that had you asked me in college. I’m not very good at doing it consistently but I often find myself thinking about how I would like to do something with writing for a living, so I think a blog is an appropriate place to try it out.

I also think I want to be a therapist. That idea I’ve played around with a lot more. Went to school for such – Family Social Science was my major. I like to ramble. Which is what I am currently doing and trying not to overthink it too much because I am writing my ‘about me’ page. I desire to make changes in my life I believe will make me a better person. Aware that others may have different definitions of what it means to be ‘better.’ Always learning to trust myself a little more. Trying to care less about what people think. Think it would be cool to live in a van some days. Other times I want to live in a mansion on a waterfront with vast amounts of money as a way to show my value. Also want to care waaaay less about money at the SAME DAMN TIME.

Left-handed, right brained. Creative. Enjoy being unique. I like to ask questions, challenge the ‘current.’ Aquarius. Been wanting to learn more about horoscopes because I think there are some truths to them, but doesn’t make sense in ways. I view happiness as not some destination that you just one day arrive to. It’s something that FLOWS. Been through some difficult times. Believe it all makes us stronger.

Been hoping that taking a year off to slow things down and realize what is TRULY important to me. I believe this experience will teach me waaaay more about myself than if I was stuck in my ‘normal’ (many times, auto-pilot) routine. Want to be intentional, a lot more than I used to. Some may call me a hippy, who knows. Still figuring out what the rest of my life will look like. Want I want it to be like. Believe I can re-write my story at all times and not be afraid to think that. My boyfriend calls me confusing. I would agree with him. Don’t understand myself at times, which once again is why I like to write. So that’s why I’m here. Using this platform as a way to document my ever-changing mind. Because something I do KNOW is that one day I will be an old lady and I don’t want to ever doubt myself that I didn’t do enough, wish I could have just “lived and loved a little more.” So that’s what I’m trying to do. NOW. And everyday moving forward.

Yes, this page definitely describes me, which was my intention. But it’s also full of vulnerability. It’s raw and unedited. Therefore, I also have those little voices telling me it might not be “good enough.” But good enough for what? Not exactly sure.

Exploring my faith a little, day by day. Setting aside time to think about it more often and deeply.

So welcome, to the inner-workings of my heart. Subject to ideas and thoughts from my head, that tend to be a little more formed from the world I’ve lived in. Forever working on trying to listen to my heart more often.

With that said, thank you for listening.