It’s such a task for me to write about who I am because frankly, that’s partly why I wanted to start this blog. For me, I would almost need to explain my life story for you to know anything “about me” (and you still wont), so here I go:

Hi, I’m Carey and I’m a wanderlust individual.

I grew up in a small suburb on the edge of Minneapolis MN – St. Louis Park. It’s quite charming I might add.

I went to college in those same stomping grounds – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

I fell in love in college – With a guy, my major, my friends, what life would be like after college.

Side note: I don’t think I ever fell in love with myself during that time.

Graduated college and moved away to Tulsa, OK to start the life I had imagined – I would finally stop looking ahead and become “who I had always wanted to be.” Get married, get my masters, have everything under control. Be perfect. Seriously, I figured all the things I struggled with in college would just, be fixed/resolved. Not the case.

My boyfriend and I ended things. Had a slight mental breakdown. I moved home. Decided I wanted to stay single for a while to work on myself.

Worked on myself – did some journaling, had an epiphany that I was meant to be a personal trainer, worked on getting my certification, hated it, felt completely lost again, found a stable job as an Admin Assistant, continued working on myself and what happiness looked like for me.

Fell in love with a long-time friend (I’m talking 3rd grade). Continued working on myself. Decided I wanted to move away again. Made a plan to move to Australia with Ian (poor introduction, but that’s my boyfriend). Still forever working on myself.

Currently in the process of getting a visa for Australia. Working hard to save money. Moving to Australia in October.

Planning to document all details of my life openly and honestly.

I will most likely make fun of myself, share too many personal details about my relationships, provide horror stories of travel, learn a few things along the way, and hopefully give you a better idea of who I am, because as I said, I’m still figuring it out.

Let’s try this whole Australian lingo thing out –