A long, long time ago, we were in Thailand. Okay, maybe it was just a month ago when we were saying goodbye to a place that will continue to hold a special place in our hearts long after we departed. It is true what they say, that Thailand changes you. Who’s they? Mainly just … More THAILAND TAKEAWAYS

Messy World We Live In (and dogs make it better)

Okay honest post here. Well, they will always be honest. I suppose vulnerable post is more appropriate. Along with some self-reflection/word vomit for myself. I’ve been feeling “off” this week. A lot has obviously been going on in our world. And in my own world. So the two hard realties have been weighing heavy on … More Messy World We Live In (and dogs make it better)


  Based on recent conversations with some of my closest friends and the change that is coming my way in 6 short months, I felt today’s passage in my daily meditation book couldn’t come at a better time. I am one to see meaning in all things coming to a head at once — so for those … More MOOD.