My Bucket

Another work in progress for the collection of experiences I hope to have over my lifetime.

It’s already getting out of control… ⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗ courtesy of my Pinterest board.

Places I want to go – Things I want to do – People I hope to meet – Etc.

∇ Swim the Whitsundays

∇ Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Roadtrip the Great Ocean Road

∇ See the Aurora Australis ∴ in Tasmania

∇ Classic Aussie BBQ 

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.03.41 PM

∇ Meet a Quokka (possibly snag a selfie – google it.)

∇ Celebrate Christmas on the beach

Surfing in Torquay 

∇ ‘Footy’ game @ MCG in Melbourne (I ain’t even gonna act like I know the lingo yet)

∇ Bondi Beach 

∇ Lake Hillier (a frickin’ natural pink lake!!)

∇ Freycinet National Park (Tasmania)

∇ Kangaroo Island 

∇ Blue Pools of New Zealand

∇ Completely butcher an Australian phrase/word

∇ Get more comfortable with the c— word….

∇ Glamp on Moreton Island

Brother Baba Budan or Market Lane Coffee in Melbourne 

∇ Maldives (I have an obsession with water if you can’t tell)

∇ Flathead Lake in Montana

∇ Grand Canyon

∇ Visit an intimate castle (?) in Scotland

∇ A whole bunch of things in Thailand that I can’t even begin to elaborate on right now because its another endless list ∞. 

∇ Have a conversation with an online Troll muahaha

∇ Banff National Park

∇ Live on a coast

∇ Skydiving (classic)


 & will continue to be extremely random.